Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in Pennsylvania, PA

Pennsylvania is known to be the Keystone State because of the Pennsylvania’s central position among the original 13 colonies and also for the importance of economical, political and others. This state got a lot of history which you can enjoy especially with Golden Retriever. Did you ever think about having Golden Retrievers? And ever wondered where you can get them? If yes, read on for free and find out where you can get your purebred golden retriever puppy.

The biggest cities in the state of Pennsylvania are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. You can find picturesque attractions around the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh which you can enjoy with your Golden Retriever. Like the Palmer Doggie Depot in Philadelphia where your Golden Retriever can enjoy meeting new friends plus the good people and atmosphere around this park. You can also enjoy with Golden Retriever at Squaw Valley Park at Pittsburgh where your Golden Retrievers can enjoy swimming, playing at the playground or even just having picnic because of the fresh air around this area. So what are you waiting for, go add a new fur-mily member in your family.

Golden Retriever Puppies in Pennsylvania

Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Weber's Golden RetrieversPennsylvaniaChampion Lines & Experienced Breeder! Stud Service and Puppies Available. +1 724-336-3765
Hillock Golden RetrieversPennsylvaniaa small home-based kennel striving to
fulfill our passion for goldens. We have been active in golden retrievers since 1971.
+1 412-601-0235
Golden Acres GoldensPennsylvaniawe are not a kennel, so we only have 1 or 2 litters a year.
Golden Retrievers have been a part of our life since 1995.
We are currently owned by five beautiful, intelligent golden retrievers.
+1 570-828-1918
Hilltop Golden Paws KennelPennsylvaniawe try our best to produce healthy, happy,
well adjusted puppies to become your new family member. Our puppies are
born and raised in my puppy room in my home, this way they receive the
socialization that they need and deserve.
+1 814-693-9193
OPK GoldensPennsylvaniaWe have combined the two for easier navigation of all of our services and breeding program.+1 814-229-7495
True Magic Golden RetrieversPennsylvaniaTrue Magic Golden Retrievers is named for our first champion, Ch. Charms Flurry of First Class Trix or ‘Trixie’
Snow Water RetrieversPennsylvaniaWe all work to make money and I knew that by purchasing champions my profits would be much smaller but I am much more compelled and dedicated to hold and to enrich the standards of this exceptional breed than to sell a lesser of an animal for more
Delaware Valley Golden Retriever RescuePennsylvaniaSeeks homes for displaced dogs. Calendar of events, available dogs, adoption
process, volunteer opportunities and map location.
+1 717-484-4799
Southwind KennelPennsylvaniaHere at Southwind we know your pet is an important part of your family. We understand that you want the very best for them when you can’t be there yourself.
So, while you’re away, pamper your pet with a vacation of their own at Southwind Kennel
+1 570-256-9770
Golden Glory
Golden Retriever Breeder
Pennsylvaniae are a small hobby breeder located in rural Downingtown, PA. Our Goldens come from outstanding lineage and Champion bloodlines. Temperament testing is provided on all our puppies to ensure the best match upon placement into your home and family. Puppies are affectionately raised with our family to provide proper socialization and the finest in family and child companions.484-786-3615


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