Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in North Carolina, NC

The southeastern state of the United States is North Carolina. Known for the landscape raging beaches from Atlantic ocean. North Carolina is known to be the Tar Heel State comes from the North Carolina’s long history. This place has a great history that you would love to share with a Golden Retriever. Have you ever thought about owning a Golden Retriever? Or thought about owning a purebred Golden Retriever? If yes, read on for free and find out where you can get your purebred golden retriever puppy.

Charlotte and Raleigh are the biggest cities found in North Carolina. There is a place in Charlotte that your Golden Retriever can surely enjoy, the place is known to be Lucky Dog Bark & Brew Charlotte while you drink cocktails and talk to other people your Golden Retriever is enjoying the place playing with other dogs. But your Golden Retriever can also enjoy at Millbrook Exchange Park at Raleigh with different amenities. Having a Golden Retriever is a fun thing where you can get to socialise and meet new people. So what are you waiting for, go get yourself your own Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever Puppies in North Carolina

Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Carolina Country GoldensNorth CarolinaWe believe in taking as natural approach to their health as possible, so our pups are raised with limited intervention, aside from their vaccinations and regular dewormings, These babies receive lots of socialization from our small children and other visitors we have 704-320-6193
FURFEATHERS GOLDENSNorth CarolinaAll of our puppies are raised inside. They have a TV to watch and toys to play with. They are loved, spoiled puppies that are waiting to be your next best friend and family member.336-971-6910
Good Life GoldensNorth Carolinae are a small North Carolina breeder of exceptional Golden Retrievers. Our main goal is to achieve, by selective breeding, Goldens that possess the soundness, natural ability and temperament that is reflected in the Golden Retriever Breed Standard.(828) 883-2089
Carolina GoldensNorth CarolinaWe are a full-service canine breeding facility, located in the beautiful foothills of western N.C. We specialize in breeding and selling Golden Retrievers for confirmation and health , but most of all for quiet temperament. We sell our own AKC-registered puppies for service , therapy, and personal pets, and we also provide stud services(828)863-4542
SEASON'S GOLD Golden RetrieversNorth Carolinawe strive to breed the healthiest and best natured golden puppies possible. We have an 11 acre horse
farm for the dogs to romp on
GOLDEN ROSE KENNELNorth CarolinaOur goal at Golden Rose Kennel is to produce the best Golden Retriever possible. We are dedicated to improving the breed one puppy at a time.
Solid Rock GoldensNorth CarolinaWe worked with it a little every day and it soon became
a trick-show dog, performing over 9 different tricks before large
audiences of people on a regular basis.
Tanglewood GoldensNorth CarolinaTanglewood Goldens is an AKC inspected and approved
kennel. Member in good standing of the Golden Retriever
Club of America since 1977, the Golden Retriever Club of
England since 1985 and the Sandlapper Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers of Camelot HouseNorth CarolinaWe consider ourselves hobby breeders and have spent years developing a quality breeding program where we keep ourselves in line with the guidelines set forth by the regional and national breed clubs, namely the Golden Retriever Club of America Code of Ethics.
Honor Golden RetrieversNorth Carolinawe are past our 41st year in Golden Retrievers.
Countless hours of work, research, genetic studies, expense, caring and prayer have
gone into each and every puppy born here.


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