Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in Minnesota, MN

The state name Minnesota means ‘sky-tinted water’. The state of Minnesota consists more than 10,000 bodies of water. This is a great way to enjoy your day on an adventure with a Golden Retriever which the two of you would really hav fun. Have you ever thought of how does it feel to have a Golden Retriever? Or did you also thought where can you get a purebred Golden Retriever? If yes, read on for free and find out where you can get your purebred golden retriever puppy.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are the two biggest cities you would find in Minnesota. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are homes of many cultural landmarks which is a great way to tour around the cities with a Golden Retriever. Having an adventure with your Golden Retriever can make the trip more exciting and happy and not boring. You can even stay at home and be lazy with them when you feel stressed and tired, but Golden Retrievers are known to be therapy dogs so be ready because they are going to take the stress away. So what are you waiting for, go and seek for Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever Puppies in Minnesota

Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Angels of Gold GoldensMinnesotaWe purchased Brodie in May of 2008. I have done field training, confirmation and obedience with him. He has great Champion Bloodlines. Brodie comes from Dal-rhe, Nitro
Mapleleaf GoldensMinnesotaWe are a Premier breeder of the Upper Midwest Region and have placed many golden puppies throughout the Midwest states and beyond. We Live on 20 acres in rural mid Minnesota, just northwest of Minneapolis and St.Paul.763-263-6440
Misty Maples
Golden Retrievers
MinnesotaWe are an award winning small breeder that only breeds once per year and breeds for quality. We are not a backyard breeder. All litters are planned ahead of time and chosen based on conformation and to better the breed.218-841-8593
Wyoming GoldensMinnesotaa small hobby show kennel currently located in Osceola, Wisconsin which borders Minnesota. It was originally established in Wyoming, MN, hence the Wyoming kennel prefix
Golden Retriever PuppiesMinnesotaA Golden retriever is a high quality investment that will bring its owner
many years of enjoyment, they are very versatile dogs that can ware many
different hats so to speak.
+1 320-980-4286
Cream Golden retrievers at Goldfeather RunMinnesotaChampion European Golden Retrievers with an emphasis on health, beauty and
+1 612-961-7899
Tails of Gold LLCMinnesotaWe are very passionate about the Golden Retriever and we work very hard to breed the very best puppies. Our Golden Retrievers are bred with love and care. +1 320-558-6611
Thunderstruck Retrievers, LLCMinnesotaWe specialize in Golden Retrievers--raising, competing, hunting, and breeding Goldens who are multi-purpose: strong field trial and hunt test competitors with friendly, loving attitudes who can serve as hunting companions and pets.+1 320-766-9624
RAGOM - Retrieve a Golden of MinnesotaMinnesotabeen rescuing Golden Retrievers since 1985. It all started with one homeless Golden Retriever whose time was up at a shelter+1 952-946-8070
Rolling Oaks GoldensMinnesotaSpecializing in breeding and training healthy, happy golden retrievers+1 320-693-6278



Contact: Kearan Hoagan

Location: Minneapolis, MN



Raised with complete health clearance this Sandy is 6 weeks old ready to be rehomed as a best family dog. It passes its health clearance and is wonderful to watch for. You will love it and play all day long.

I have given a good treatment by my vet and proper guidance so it will be hassle free for you. I make sure it is healthy, loving, and obedient. You could be a lucky guy to get a discount for this particular puppy.

Last updated: 19/05/2017


Contact: Nicole Paul

Location: St. Paul, MN



Hey Hey…Tommy is here for you and your family members. It seems your penny worth and this will be your best choice. I have raised it in such a way that you won’t be disappointed with its purchase.

It is registered and guided well with full lessons and training. In such circumstances, if you’re single and need a friend for a game, Tommy is there for you. It can be used as a service dog for rescue and search, training assistant. With health clearance, and proper treatment it will be your local friend. More often it barks in need.

Last updated: 18/05/2017

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