Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in Idaho, IL

Outdoor recreation areas, Mountainous landscapes, and Vast swaths of protected wilderness are to known to be found at the state of Idaho. That means, adventure is out there waiting for you, but it seems more exciting if you have a Golden Retriever with you. Did you ever think about having Golden Retrievers? And ever wondered where you can get them? If yes, read on for free and find out where you can get your purebred golden retriever puppy.

You can enjoy at Idaho in their two biggest cities Nampa and Boise. You can enjoy at Idaho with their fresh air and especially their dog parks that are nature friendly. Go and let them socialize to other dogs in Manitou Park at Boise which the both of you can enjoy playing and even a picnic will do, or you can go to Nampa Dog Park which your Golden Retriever can enjoy playing with other dogs and even swim at a pond. So what now, go and get yourself a gem like Golden Retriever since Idaho is known as the Gem State!

Golden Retriever Puppies in Idaho

Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Rave-On GoldensIdahoGolden Retrievers have been our passion for the past 25 years! We are a private hobby kennel located near Ontario,
Sherwood GoldensIdahoSherwood Golden Retrievers offers high quality healthy Golden Retriever puppies. We care more about the physical and mental health of the puppies we produce more than we care about the coat condition and conformation.(208) 741-4070
Tamarack GoldensIdahoOur emphasis in breeding is always quality over quantity. We are exceptionally proud of our Goldens, and we and the other families who have our Goldens are blessed by their love.208.371.9631
Bastian Golden RetrieversIdahoWe own both parents who are from 100% AKC lines and are very teachable and great dogs. Our litter is well-socialized and are loved to ensure a great start in life! They have blocky, beautiful/handsome heads, thick creamy coats, and great personalities to match! They are bred for emotional support, hunting, showmanship, and all-around great family companions.208-250-0125
Ponderay Kennels Golden RetrieverIdahoOur goal at Ponderay Kennels is to produce the absolute best gundog, retriever and family companion there is.208-683-3676
Walter Family Goldens IdahoAt Walter Family Goldens we breed English Cream and American red golden retriever crosses. We offer a great starter package with every pup208-512-9290
Lish Kennels Golden RetrieverIdahoHunting dogs that are bred to hunt, be the best family companion, and excel in field as your personal hunting partner or in trials/hunt tests208-221-0083
Council House Goldens Golden RetrieverIdahoWe are passionate about breeding for the best in health, temperament, intelligence and beauty.208-253-1145



Contact: Karen Goose

Location: Boise



It is with great pleasure that I advertise the availability of our litter of 4 Golden Retriever puppies! They were born two months ago, and are healthy, lively, and ready to go home with their new owners! I promise you’ll fall in love immediately with their affectionate puppy-dog eyes. They love playing in an open garden. If you’re interested, they are looking for caring owners who deserve.

Families and pet lovers only – not for showing or breeding. We want to ensure that these puppies go to loving homes where they can get plenty of exercise, fun, and affection. Veterinary records available as proof that they are fully vaccinated, health guaranteed and well-behaved.

Updated: May 18, 2017



Contact: Archie Jorma

Location: Nampa


For sale: Golden Retriever puppies, fully vaccinated, dewormed, hip and elbow x-rays, and otherwise in perfect health. Will be spayed/neutered before adoption. These dogs are raised in a homely environment and are ready for rehoming. They often bark in needed time.

Come from a known bloodline of healthy, intelligent, loyal purebred Golden Retrievers. Pictures of both parents and puppies available. Do call us or get in touch our using the email address. You may consider them as a guard dog or service dog or even family dog. Our expert and vet care them with good diet and supplements.

Please inform us if you are interested as soon as possible.

Updated: May 17, 2017


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