Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in Florida, FL

Florida got a nickname, and it is known to be “The Sunshine State” or “Land of Flowers”, and it is the third most populous state in the United States. I bet you would agree if I say that Golden Retrievers are as cute and beautiful like the flowers and can brighten up our day like sunshine. Do you ever think how does it feel having a Golden Retriever? Did you ever imagine on how would your life be if you had a Golden Retriever? If yes, read on for free and find out where you can get your purebred golden retriever puppy.

Jacksonville and Miami are the two biggest cities in the Sunshine of State. If you want an adventure with your Golden Retriever, go and sit by the river at Mandarin Park in Jacksonville, how about taking your Golden Retriever to Hobie Island Beach Park and go swimming with him/her plus that area is dog-friendly. That is not yet over, there are still countless spots and dog-friendly areas for you to bond with your Golden Retrievers. So what are you waiting for, and get yourself a ray of sunshine known as Golden Retriever!

Golden Retrievers may be quite pricey but with our free pure golden retriever breeders list, we are giving you a chance to meet your next pet best friend.

Golden Retriever Puppies in FLORIDA

Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Crescent GoldensFlorida
Crescent Golden Retrievers was established in 1996. We are located in the Orlando area of Florida. I do breed occasionally and take great pride in every litter I breed.
De La Vega GoldensFloridaWe have bred Alegre to Passion. Puppies will be expected at the end of August 2013. Pedigree. Simba X Taylor. Visit Nocatee Goldens561-901-1796
Gemini Golden RetrieversFloridaAt Gemini, our passion is breeding amazing Goldens for amazing people. Read about one of our puppies, Blondie, and the amazing impact she's had on one little's boy's life, and all about our assistance to guide dog programs across the USA.321-243-5305
Gemini GoldensFloridaGemini Goldens is a partnership between myself and my twin sister, Candi Pearce. We both have an enduring love of this wonderful breed.
GoldRox GoldensFloridaMy journey into Goldens began in 1981 when a friend of mine got a Golden Retriever puppy. I fell in love with that dog and always wanted one after that. In 1986 I received my first Golden Retriever from a friend who bred her two goldens together. I named him Snapper. At the time I didn’t know any better nor did I research the pedigree of the dog. Two years later he died of cancer. Then in 1988 I bought another Golden from a reputable breeder in Miami. I named her Sugar and she was a great dog. She lived to be 14 years old. At the same time I got another Golden from the same breeder and I named her Honey. She also lived a long life of 12 years954-802-7237
HoneyKyst GoldensFloridaHoneyKyst Goldens is a Golden Retriever breeder in Wesley Chapel, FL. Get your Golden Retriever puppy from HoneyKyst Goldens today813-973-1077
Lakewood GoldensFloridaOur goal at Lakewood Goldens is to produce golden retrievers that are healthy with wonderful temperaments and at the same time represent the TRUE Golden retriever conformation. We consistently strive for HEALTH, PERSONALITY, BRAINS, & BEAUTY321-480-4442
Loralei GoldensFlorida It all began in 1983, when Chris and I purchased our first Golden, Kona, for our 1-year wedding anniversary. Little did we know then, how much this wonderful breed would influence our lives727-408-0450
Mischief GoldensFloridaMischief Typical Golden Retrievers are even tempered with few if any serious behavior problems. 407-859-4571
Prism GoldensFloridaWe are personally active in many areas of dog sport: AKC conformation, obedience, Rally, AKC and UKC hunt tests, and GRCA Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent testing, as well as being huge fans of GRCA’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) program. I am a CGC Evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program as well and can provide testing most any day, just drop me an email and we’ll test your



Contact: Diana Morris

Location: Orlando



Fully vaccinated, de-wormed, healthy Golden Retriever puppies available for sale. Certification available. Veterinary records available.

Our puppies are born to a loving mom in an attentive family home. They are socialized with children and make great family pets. Guaranteed to make your life more lively, loving, and exciting. Contact us if you’re ready to grow your family and change your life!


Updated: May 16, 2017



Contact: Sabrina Korefan

Location: Miami



Brand-new bundles of joy! We have a brand-new litter of Golden Retriever puppies, cute enough to melt your heart, guaranteed! These little guys are playful and smart, and looking for a new adventure with you. Give a home to the most loyal and loving friend you’ll ever have – you won’t regret it!

We are committed to the health and safety of our puppies, so they will come to with their first round of vaccines completed and having had a full check for all diseases, joint problems, and organ function by our own vet. Great for families of all types, as long as you have the time and room (in your home and your heart!) to take care of them.


Updated: May 5, 2017



Contact: Emily Morgan




Golden Retriever puppy seeks home! We have one puppy from our 8-week-old litter left. He’s a sweet boy with big brown eyes and a dark brown nose. Wavy, cream-colored coat. Healthy and ready to go! He loves playing fetch and hanging out in the kitchen. Contact us to adopt him today!


Updated: May 5, 2017



Contact: Enis Loretta

Location: Tampa



New litter arrived! We could not be more excited to announce the arrival of our new litter of five puppies Golden Retriever puppies.

Parents are both even-tempered, intelligent, healthy Golden Retrievers. All puppies will be hip- and elbow-checked and provided with heart and eye certification. First round of vaccines will be administered. Please, inquiries for family pets only – no showing or breeding.

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