Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in Colorado, CO

Do you like in Colorado and sometimes in your free time think of what you can do? Do you think your free time could be made busy with a purebred golden retriever? If yes then you are in the right city because if a National Dog Day doesn’t show you how dog friendly Colorado is then what does? With several free puppy friendly parks and beaches to offer there is no better place to find your new best friend than Colorado.  Did you know in some hotels/motels you can take your purebred golden retriever for free? That is right! A free holiday for your purebred golden retriever. We love our pooches however, sometimes having to pay for them to go with your places can be frustrating.  Some restaurants even offer your purebred golden retriever free food and water while you enjoy a meal or cuppa. Before looking through our free information guide of purebred golden retriever breeders list there is a few things you must consider. You must ensure you ready for the responsibility as all your free time will be taken by your puppy. You can also start to research for free golden retriever puppy play dates and puppy training. Also, don’t forget your free golden retriever puppy vet check and free puppy pet insurance.


Golden Retriever Puppies in Colorado

Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Shaffer GoldenscoloradoShaffer Goldens are dog lovers that provide training for all types of dogs+1 970-876-2336
Seansons of Golden RetrieverscoloradoGolden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America+1 719-487-2838
Crystal Glen KennelcoloradoTop breeders of Golden Retrievers in the Rocky Mountain Region since
(970) 472-5378
Terry FarmcoloradoTerry Family Farm Kennel is a small hobby kennel breeding Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Standard Poodles, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.(303) 918-7406
Slater Creek Golden RetrieverscoloradoWe have chosen the best possible Champion Blood lines & parents with great health certificates we could find( 719 ) 689 – 0414
Colorado Golden RetrieverscoloradoOur Colorado Golden Retriever Puppies come with a AKC Registration, Health Check , 1st shots for our Colorado Golden Retriever Pups720-271-5077
Hunter's Goldstrike Golden RetrieverscoloradoHunter's Goldstrike Golden Retrievers is a small family-oriented licensed breeder of Golden Retrievers located in beautiful, colorful
Snowstorm Golden RetrieverscoloradoWe are a small, family breeding program specializing in dogs from Champion European lines, and our Goldens are treasured members of the family.303-386-6029
Sweetheart Golden RetrieverscoloradoSweetheart Goldens is a premier, family-run breeder of English Golden Retrievers puppies based in Loveland Colorado.970-393-0474
Stockton’s RetrieverscoloradoStockton's dogs, the English Crème Golden Retrievers, the Silver / Polar/ Fox Red Labrador Retrievers and the German shorthaired pointer are the royalty of their breeds.303/791-1966




Contact: Mitchell Jeffreys

Location: Denver



Who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever? Our brand-new puppies are now available for adoption, but contact us quickly if you are interested, as this breed sells fast! This litters’ mother is a purebred Golden Retriever and an amazing mom, meaning that these puppies are as healthy and happy as it gets! We have them up to date on vaccines and deworming, and certified by our local veterinarian that they are in good health, with no indications of hip or elbow issues.


Veterinary paperwork included in adoption. Inquire for prices.


Updated: May 16, 2017



Contact: Maria Grey

Location: Colorado Springs


Lucy Diamond

Our Golden Retriever puppies are going fast! Everyone wants to take home one of these sweet, adorable puppies. While it’s hard to say goodbye, we’re very excited to see this litter go to good homes. If you can provide a safe and happy environment for one of our remaining bundles of joy, please contact us! We have two puppies left as of today and are prepared to send them home with a new owner as soon as possible.


Contact us if you are interested, or if you require more information. Full veterinary and genetic information available upon request.


Updated: May 12, 2017

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