Golden Retriever Puppies for Free & Sale in Arizona, AZ

Are you thinking of owning your own purebred golden retriever? Are you located in Arizona? Then you are in the right place to find your free purebred golden retriever breeders list. Arizona is a pet friendly state and has many free puppy friendly activities you can enjoy. Areas such as Sedona Dog Park is a free leash park  for your purebred golden retriever. Another dog friendly park is Petrified Forest National Park, where you can let your Golden Retriever run around, explore and be free without a leash. Taking care of your golden retriever is very important. Therefore, when buying your purebred golden retriever puppy you can apply for free pet insurance for the first 4 weeks. This will allow you to find some free time around your new puppy to gather information on other options if you decide to change. Below we have provided you with a free list of purebred golden retriever puppy Breeders within Arizona.  We hope this helps you find your purebred golden retriever.


Golden Retriever Puppies in Arizona


Breeders NameLocationDescriptionContactAVAILABLE
Jovi's Golden RetrieversarizonaOur ultimate aim at Jovi's is to produce dogs with correct structure and workability,
but always keeping in mind that the most important aspect of fine breeding is to produce healthy dogs with great temperaments and personalities.
Phone: 623-465-7245
Copper State Golden RetrieversarizonaOur goal as breeders is to breed and train healthy, well balanced golden retrievers and golden retriever puppies+1 602-818-1465
Chiricahua RetrieversarizonaWe are a
Christian family in southeast AZ who got our first Goldens when our oldest son
was 2 years
+1 520-678-2531
Arizona Golden RescuearizonaArizona Golden Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption +1 623-566-9247
Winter Ridge Golden Retrieversarizonawhere we intend to breed AKC registered, healthy family oriented show quality golden retrievers in sunny Tucson Arizona+1 520-850-7905
Southern Az Golden Retrieverarizonato rescue and re-home adoptable Golden Retrievers in Southern Arizona in safe, loving homes; thereby improving the lives of both the dog and the adoptive family +1 520-792-4653
Anasazi GoldensarizonaAt Anasazi we want to help you find the best in temperament, health and correct structure. We don't just want you to take our word for it; we prove

Valor GoldensarizonaWe strive to produce beautiful, healthy puppies of sound mind, that conform to the breed
Golden Angels KennelsarizonaBreeder of Quality Pet, Working and Champion
(520) 234-7531
Ironwood Golden RetrieversarizonaAt Ironwood Golden Retrievers it is very important to me to create healthy, mentally and physically sound Golden Retriever puppies that will hopefully provide years of wonderful





Contact: Andrew Barnes

Location:Phoenix AZ



We have puppies! We are currently selling a litter of 9, 7 boys and 2 girls. Parents vet-checked for hip and elbow problems, and all puppies vaccinated and dewormed.  Parents and puppies are fully veterinarian-cleared of any hip, elbow, heart or eye issues.


Updated: May 14, 2017



Contact: Jennifer Hinet & Roger Horsten

Location: Mesa AZ


Bring home a new member of your family today! We have a litter of Golden Retriever puppies for sale, each one fully healthy and ready to go to their new forever home. Contact us if you can provide a loving, healthy environment for one of these little bundles of joy.


All puppies are up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and regularly vet-checked for diseases and bone and joint problems. Veterinary paperwork available upon adoption.


Updated: May 15, 2017


Contact: Jordan Bailey

Location: Tucson AZ




Puppies for sale/free Arizona– take home a Golden Retriever puppy today, simply contact us to apply. We reserve the right to accept or reject applications for any reason. Puppies are all male. Parents are pure Golden Retrievers, certified by a veterinarian for hips and elbows. Puppies are already potty-trained and get along well with all other animals and humans. Great for a lively family environment.


Updated: May 12, 2017



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