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When you hear the phrase ‘dogs are man’s best friend’, you probably don’t think of a Chihuahua. Rather, when most people hear that phrase, they think of a faithful old Golden Retriever – and for good reason! Golden Retrievers are the most loyal, faithful, and kind dogs. They are a patient, even-tempered, and highly intelligent breed, which makes them very easy to train and great for children and families. Golden and Labrador retrievers make up the overwhelming majority of service dogs due to this combination of high intelligence and low aggression.  They’re also not hard to raise and care for – Golden Retrievers have a thick, waterproof coat that keeps them warm even in cold waters, but remains relatively easy to care for, usually requiring only occasional brushing. They reach their full height and weight between one and two years of age, generally from 55-75 pounds, but maintain their playful puppy personalities for many years. Even once fully matured, these dogs will always love to run and play. It is with good reason that Golden Retrievers are considered among the most fulfilling and popular pets.


Golden Retriever



They’re easy to train:


In fact, Golden Retrievers are one of the world’s most intelligent and easy-to-train breeds. A simple reward system will have a Golden puppy sitting, staying, shaking and speaking in no time. You can get more info on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Retriever

They can even pick up on body language and tone of voice, so their understanding of good and bad can develop (to some extent!) even without training. With just a little love and guidance, a Golden Retriever can become the perfect friend and companion without sacrificing all of your time, energy, or shoes.




They’re incredibly intuitive:

What’s more, Golden Retrievers are a highly intuitive breed – beyond train ability and an intuitive understanding of what’s good and bad, these dogs are very in tune with human emotions and health. They can tell when a human is sad, scared, or sick, and can provide comfort and aid. They make wonderful therapy dogs for a wide range of mental and developmental problems due to their calming and intuitive nature, and are also able to sense medical problems such as seizures before they occur, making them invaluable to many. But even without special medical needs, being the owner of a Golden Retriever is good for your health: in fact, dog owners are proven to live longer than everyone else! The Golden Retriever is a particularly loving and sensitive breed, and they can make even the worst days better by being a sympathetic and loving companion.


They’re both useful and playful:

Although their kind hearts and sensitive nature make them wonderful comfort dogs, they don’t just want to sit around with their heads in your lap all day. They also keep you active and can be a constant source of joy and excitement. As the name suggests, a Golden Retrievers’ primary instinct is to retrieve. This trait was originally bred for them to retrieve felled birds on a hunt, but you don’t have to like shooting down ducks to make a Golden Retriever happy. These dogs love to play fetch, and will always be excited to chase down a stick or Frisbee for their owner. You can even train them to ‘fetch’ you a drink from the fridge! They’re also happy to walk or run with you, so it’s not hard to make sure they get their exercise, and they can make exercising fun for you as well. This goes for water as well as land: they’re strong swimmers and love to be in the water, making them very easy to bathe and a lot of fun at the beach.


They’re loving:

Though often extremely playful and excitable, at the end of the day these wonderful dogs just want to be with their owners – they have a deep sense of family and loyalty, and there will be no doubt in your mind that your retriever loves you. They require daily exercise, and so are often thought to do best in a home with a yard or other easy manner of running around, but they also do best if they can spend most of their time with their humans. Golden Retrievers are pack animals, and so form incredibly strong bonds with their families. In fact, they are such deeply loving and loyal creatures that they can get anxious and sad if left alone too long. Because of this, they make great pets for people and families in search of a true companion, who will welcome them as a new member of the family and help them thrive on love and attention.


They fit in any kind of family:

Golden Retrievers also get along with everybody: not just their humans! They rarely show aggression towards any other creature, and so make great additions to a family that already has pets. They can be gentle and kind with smaller or skittish creatures, like children and cats, as well as playful and exuberant with pets and people that want to play.  In this way, they make great companions for every member of the family, and you never have to worry about how they’ll react to guests.


They’re the best puppies:

Most baby animals can be considered pretty cute, but the cuddliness and softness of a Golden Retriever puppy is unparalleled. While the earliest months with many dogs can involve endless frustration due to potty-training, anxieties, and other issues, the intelligence and good nature of Golden Retrievers means that even these early days are relatively easy. This enables you to enjoy these balls of cuteness to the fullest, an allow them to take over your heart with their endless love and hilarity from the very first day you take them home.


If you have room in your heart and home to make a Golden Retriever a member of your family, you will find your life enriched in every way: these brilliant, loyal, playful dogs bring joy and happiness wherever they go.


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